eastman international exporters of moped parts, bicycle parts, tyres and tubes, bicycle tubes, fasteners, exporters of fasteners, handtools,handtool, gardentools, exporters of handtools.

eastman international exporters of moped parts, bicycle parts, tyres and tubes, bicycle tubes, fasteners, exporters of fasteners, handtools,handtool, gardentools, exporters of handtools.


One of the most striking aspects of EASTMAN INTERNATIONAL is :-
The Thinking that goes into everything. A lot of thought goes into every minuscule facet's of the group's operation.

The group enjoys its success; but failure never overwhelms it, because that scenario has been thought about already. It balances it ambitions with hardcore analysis of real factors. It has the ability to change itself when that is needed, and the power to change the situation, when that needs to be done.


  1. To continue as a Government recognized "TRADING HOUSE" with the aim to achieve the status of "SUPER STAR TRADING HOUSE".

  2. To obtain the group's position as one of country's premier trading house, by continually setting higher goals and striving to achieve them.

  3. To maintain growth rates with exciting upward curve.

  4. To set foot into more and more areas without compromising the existing bases, through an integrated growth strategy.


  1. Identify good and qualified professionals.

  2. Empower them to perform. Inculcate in them the capacity to take calculated risks. infuse in them the foresight to avoid failures, and the courage to treat it as part of learning process, if failure still happens.

  3. Aspire for, and achieve, leadership in existing areas of operation. Simultaneously raise resources and capabilities to move into new ventures. Explore uncharted waters. Do tomorrow's business today.


For an Indian company to emerge as trading conglomerate requires a host of special qualities and extraordinary kind of resilience.

  • The ability to adapt to various trends at the same time.

  • The flexibility to integrate varying factors and create a profit generating wholesome mechanism.

  • Wide-spread marketing.

  • The financial strength to sustain operations on many fronts.

  • The credibility to substantiate promises given, and the capacity to absorb promises taken.

  • The versatility to roll with the market punches, and balance out risks and profits.



  • Financial Stability.

  • Service Oriented Approach :- EASTMAN INTERNATIONAL's focus area TRADING - itself is a self-explanatory service paradigm. Here, customer is more than a king, because the king still has responsibilities, while the customer has none. All that the customer has is : NEED

He needs something, and the degree of his need will dictate his market behavior.

it is up to the seller, to provide the customer his optmal choice - in terms of pricing, timing and choices.

Since EASTMAN INTERNATIONAL is also a buyer in the trading spectrum, it can understand the customer's point of view from the inside. Our philosophy says : keep the customer at the core of the enterprise, and build the business around it. When customer satisfaction becomes a basic minimum factor, everything else will work towards achieving it time after time.

  • Internal Process :- At EASTMAN INTERNATIONAL the internal processes are flexibility structured to achieve maximum efficiency, output and quality within the parameters of a particular transaction. The approach has been developed to meet the starting deliversity of needs that a global trading house has to face on a daily basis. However, some things about the company are inflexible - such as internal standards it has set for quality and service.

  • Risk Management Ability :- The operative mechanism of a trading house is simple - it buys and it sells. But to make this a successful enterprise, an intelligent decision making process must precede every buying and selling. And the most vital part of this facet is RISK MANAGEMENT.